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Moving to Chicago, Illinois in 2022 | B12 Moving

Moving to Chicago, Illinois in 2022

Chicago is a diverse place, with a well developed public infrastructure and great jobs at large multinational companies. As portrayed on TV, the people of the city really are still rooted in humbleness. Yet, despite the diversity, the city just works. It is home to some of the nation’s first, biggest, tallest, and most, including:

  • The world’s first Ferris wheel
  • The country’s oldest zoo
  • The tallest building in the Western Hemisphere
  • And much more.

Some of the most admirable facts about Chicago is that it is the birthplace of improv comedy, and gospel music. With such diverse cultural backgrounds, the city is home to people from all races and walks of life, all contributing to making Chicago an entire world in one city.

Did You Know? You might know that Chicago is referred to as the Windy City, but that has nothing to do with the weather. Instead, the windiness stems from the hot air corrupt politicians have spewed over many years. But that’s everywhere, so it should not deter you from moving to Chicago. 

One thing you should know before you decide not to move to Chicago for fear of the violence you see in above-mentioned shows and all other publications, is that the city’s violence is not always accurately portrayed in the media. Yes, the city has a hurtful history in terms of segregation, disinvestment, abuse and police brutality. However, after a concerning spike in Chicago’s homicide rate in 2016, the city saw double-digit declines in shootings and homicides in the following two years. Unfortunately, the southern and western neighborhoods of Englewood and West Garfield Park have been portrayed disproportionately, leading them with a legacy as bad neighborhoods.

Some of the popular areas in Chicago include:

South: The South Side is a social and cultural hub. There’s authentic cuisine in Chinatown, Museum Campus in South Loop, and Bronzeville with its monuments.

Downtown: Chicago’s Downtown is home to the “Bean” in Millennium Park, and other tourist attractions, including the Historic Theatre District, Buckingham Fountain, and Michigan Avenue’s shopping opportunities, cocktail lounges, and art galleries. While the wealthy residents shack up in luxury condos, Downtown can be a ghost town over the weekends. There’s not a lot of living space here.

West: Chicago’s West Side has an eclectic vibe, which is a combination of the churches of Wicker Park, several monuments, ethnic eateries, and beautiful murals. 

North: The Northern suburbs offer much to do and see, especially for the hip, youthful residents. From live jazz performances in Uptown to Cubs games in Wrigleyville and upmarket shopping in Bucktown, you’ll never be bored.

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